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julie yang

Professional Golfer & Coach

I'm a former LPGA golfer, now a Golf Coach in Phoenix, impassioned to share my extensive knowledge and experiences to inspire and equip individuals on their golf journey.

I’ve had the privilege of working with renowned experts, competing alongside some of the sport’s finest athletes, and engaging in every level of the sport. With this wealth of data, experience, and skills, I bring a truly unique experience to my coaching.

My teaching philosophy is founded on empathy. I’ve faced many challenges golfers encounter and I understand that each individual has their own unique learning style and natural movement patterns. I recognize that solutions that make sense off the course don’t always translate to success on it. Therefore, my approach focuses on enhancing and refining your innate abilities to produce attainable and lasting results.

I currently offer personalized instruction, tried-and-true golf guidance, and mentorship in the mental and emotional aspects of golf both virtually and in the Phoenix area.

Throughout my journey, it has always been clear to me that my true passion lies in serving others. I am dedicated to sharing my wisdom, experience, and expertise with the next generation of golfers. This is what truly fulfills me.

I was born in South Korea and swung my first golf club at the age of six. I achieved early success and recognition, winning my first tournament at seven and competing in my first professional tournament at twelve. In 2007, I won the U.S. Kids World Championship and also became the youngest winner of an AJGA (American Junior Golf Association) tournament.

I had an illustrious amateur career. At fourteen, I embarked to Scotland to expand my horizons beyond Asia and North America during which I won several European national titles and reached the top of the world amateur ranking. I accelerated my education, graduating from high school a year early, and played collegiate golf at Oklahoma State University, where I earned NCAA All-American honors and was recognized as the 2014 Big XII Player of the Year.

In 2015, I realized a lifelong dream when I qualified to become an LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) Tour Player. Throughout my professional career, I served as an ambassador for multiple esteemed brands and organizations and competed in professional tournaments worldwide, including all five major championships in women’s golf. Among the highlights of my professional career was a sixth-place finish on the LPGA Tour.

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